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Read Me!

I iz here, and far more interesting than your book.     Advertisements

Christmas Woofs

Woofers all, may the tummy-rubs and bacon-snacks be plentiful xx Nose-kisses, festive tidings and peaceful naps be with you.

Not Impressed

Keep your glitter. I’ll have a bacon dog snack.  


I’ll be here for some time


Bed: it’s the only place to be    

Tummies x 2

You want yours rubbed too? Tough!  My legs are too short to reach.

Yes: I Do Need All This Space

This is my sofa. Yours is over there.

Close Up on the Fluff

Yes: it’s my bottom!

Aquatic View

  Where be the road?    


 I have to paddle to have a piddle

By the Hair on My Chinny-chin-chin

  I smell Bakewell tart and scones being cooked in the kitchen.    

Do Not Disturb

Whatever you’re offering, I’m not interested.


I Still Don’t Want to Swim

Just cuddle me

Study in Green

  My second favourite colour (after shades of dirt)  

Strange Fish

  I observe and accept        


  Banoffee pie on the cards    

My Best Side

Such a dainty profile.

Stiff Cheddar Required

Yet more fruit and vegetables: where’s the cheese! 


Comfort level: 6 out of 10

No Thank You

I’d rather not  

Playing Guess the Vegetable

  Whatever they are, they aren’t sausages.      

Monster Spotting

Was that a fin?

Currently focused on…

street surveillance



Ground Level

  I see a lot of ankles  

Today, I Will Be Mostly…

waiting for a mango to fall on my head

Frog Chorus

  Did someone croak?      


Waiting for something exciting to happen…

Keep Talking

… just don’t expect me to start swimming. 

I Spy …

With my little eye… plates of tasty scoff


Yes, you may admire my gorgeousness. 

Water Baby

I’m not convinced 

Street Life


Checking that I comply with the rules.

All Aboard

Thinking of running away to sea…

Afternoon Stroll

  Doesn’t everyone have canals of water lilies on their doorstep?      

Cool Spot

Retaining dignity and composure 


Today, I’m just watching.

Monkey Brush

No monkeys yet… only Monkey Brush 

Snout Adventures

Snuffle workout


Stay back: I’ve got it covered. 


just checking


Working myself up into a lather. 

Yours to Command

As long as I can have a sausage roll (Nellie gives cook Samantha her undivided attention)