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Read Me!

I iz here, and far more interesting than your book.     Advertisements

Bovvering Me


Luvverly Blankie

My blanket friend

Behind You…

Do you ever have the feeling…?

My Mate Nifty

My pal Nifty has come to stay: as you can see, we are hanging out by the drinks trolley. 

Tall Things

  Too far to sniff.        

Menage a Trois

Life within a doggie-love-triangle

More Snow Sniffs

  Still at it!    

Happy Face

Minus 10C  and she wants me to pose on this icy marble plinth. Hurry up woman!            

The Fog

  Are there beasties in the fog? Yes – there’s me…  

Top Heavy

  Ears are so huge today that I am almost falling over    

Summer Retrospective

  Can it be true? I was snuffling in the warm sunshine just a couple of weeks’ ago. ‘Real-feel’ temperature now -19C    

Frosty on the Snoz

  Chilly sniffs today    

The Trees Are Going To Sleep

  Only a few leaves left on the trees – but at least the sun is shining.    

Sleet! Snow! Wind!

  The weather is a casserole of horrible foulness.  

Heavy Skies

    Still waiting for the sky to rain sausages.    

Wind on the Steppe

  Stiff breeze through my ear-hair today    

Can’t Get Enough Kong

    It never grows old  


      I can look but I can’t touch  

Popcorn Seeker

Good sniffs round the benches and bins: a few nuggets of popcorn down here.

Fresh Air

A spot of evening air, having been in for most of the day with vomitty handmaiden. In sympathy, I chucked up a good dollop of yesterday’s kibble on the kitchen sofa. More interesting… Continue reading

The Many Faces of Love

100% Cute

    I may not be 100% Skye Terrier, but I’m 100% cute.    


    I do enjoy being roasted to a hairy dog-frazzle… NOT!  

Skew Whiff

    I sometimes haz a little tipple wiv my kibble.  

Time for a Swim?


Me and My Man

    I love him.    

No Dogs Allowed!

Message from the grass: I know I’m comfy and smell delightful but be off with you – No Dogs Allowed!    

Golden Cone

  Still searching for ice-cream        


Summer is not the best time to be a shaggy-wotsit    

Waterside Cuddles

  Large puddles spring to life in my presence.    

Chomp Time

  We all have our vices.      

Another Day in Windy Astana

Nellie’s world: another day, another walk – same city skyline on the wild and windy Kazakh Steppe, no other doggies.                

Blowing in the Wind

    Scruffiliciously wind-blown    

Back Home

Manservant has returned – and so have I … to comfy position on sofa. Thank you to my lovelies who fed, cuddled, walked and cosseted me in absence of usual staff.  

Snooze Time


Long and Not-So-Winding Road


More Cheese Nellie?

  Nellie auditions for the role of Gromit and Wallace seems impressed.    

Left a Bit

    Sometimes, an ear rub is so good, it can only be expressed with one’s tongue.    

Sniff Overdrive

90% sniffing 10% walking        

It’s the Way I Tell’Em

      How do fleas travel from place to place? They itch-hike.

Selfie – for Breast Cancer Fundraising

  Herself is appearing on my post today – all in a good cause (taking a ‘selfie’ without make-up). The idea is to make a donation to Breast Cancer charities. Fingers crossed, she’ll… Continue reading

Snow Lounger

  Effortlessly cool – reclining on this handy snow lounger    

Deep Thoughts

Some days, I just ponder the universe.


I only do this to keep them happy.

Day of the Triffid-Tulips

Nellie today starring in her own Sci-Fi thriller. Astana in the grip of menacing tulips.

Towards Zero

    Temperature heading towards zero this week … which means a lot more snowfall on the way.  4-6 weeks until Spring truly arrives.  

Nellie the Adventuress

Ice-blue powder

Nose kisses for Women’s Day

Miss Nellie sends a rose to all her fellow females on Women’s Day: ladies, we rock!

Sunshine Haze

Soaking up some sun ( Presidential Palace in the distance)