I'm Nellie

My name is Nellie. I was found wandering down the street in Astana, Kazakhstan, on a very chilly March morning.

Something frightening may have happened to me while I was on my own, as I tremble greatly on seeing dogs I don’t know.  Perhaps some big strays came across me and decided that I looked like a tasty snack.

I’m fearful of unexpected noises and movements, sudden flashes of sunlight reflecting from shiny surfaces and the fridge having the hiccups. My ‘safe place’ is under the bed.

Luckily, I’ve found a very loving home and, gradually, my confidence is building.  My life is full of joy and I find fun in the most unexpected places.


(just in case you weren’t sure…… Kazakhstan borders China and Russia…..) 

Astana is very much off the beaten track – since the paths leading to this amazing city are largely untrodden, being remote and almost unknown to tourists.

jigsaw map - kaz

Having departed Kazakhstan in late November 2014, I’m newly arrived in tropical Guyana, in South America, having taken a holiday in the UK between times.


Guyana map (bordering Venezuela, Suriname and Brazil