Woofer Pals

out on the town with my mate Bessie

out on the town with my mate Bessie

Queen Bessie and Perdita

Bessie is my mate here in Astana.  She’s a lady of mature years, with slightly stiff legs these days, but still enjoys a swim and a frolic and has a hearty appetite: even for Brussels sprouts.

house guests Snuggles and tummy rubs make her happy and, every night, she helps tuck her youngest human into bed. She then keeps watch over her family through the dark hours.

Perdita is her new puppy sister, safely scooped from the street and now enjoying a gorgeous life at the heart of her loving family.




Bonkers Barney is a feisty corgi with a great sense of humour. He can howl like a wolf and loves eating chicken… and houseplants!

Barney 2

He’s always ready to play ball and uses hisT-Rex legs to jump off the stairs. New friends are welcome so pay his site a visit by clicking on his photo.




Canadian Rusty is about the same age as Nellie (born in 2012) and just as cheeky.  photo 1

He is fond of treats and tickles (and snoozing on the bed) but most loves playing in the snow, hailing from Calgary.

Rusty has his own gorgeous blog, full of fun – just click photo 2on his cheeky face to find out more.


Nutty Boom Boom

nutty's knits

The most intelligent miniature dachshund on the planet:  cheeky, lively and much-loved by his mummicles and daddicles.

Four out of five dachshunds recommend Nutty’s blog and he aims to convert the unbeliever.

The proud wearer of Nutty’s Knits sweaters, to keep doggies warm in windy Scottyland, also loves to penN. Boom Boom poetry:


Ode to Sossiges 

O deer sossiges

Me wills take doo hostigges

And keep doo in me’s tummy

And shayre won wif me’s mummy

Click on Nutty’s handsome visage to view his blog.


Wally and Sammy

Wally and Sammy

The pair are great pals, wrestling before bedtime and snuggling and playing together during the day: what a superb doggie-duo.

Wally is 2 year old Wheaten Scottish Terrier. An old soul, with full mastery of the ‘AROOOOOOOO’, he loves a Wally as a Puppypaddle when it’s hot and is a fan of TV, especially when horses and other animals are featured.

Puppy SammySammy, a Brindle Scottish Terrier, is almost the same age, but far more mischievous and full of energy,  zooming around the house and digging in his sandpit. He is generous Sammy in giving hugs and licks and likes to show off his champion barking skills whenever the opportunity arises.

Click on any of the photos to peruse their fantastic website.



Rain gear foxyAfter wet weather walks, Foxy’s mummy wraps her in a warm towel for a rub down.  Being bundled up makes her feel like a pup again, warm and cozy.

When Foxy is let go, she runs around, shaking off water and spreading her wet fur smell, looking for her favourite toy to beat up.

Click on her lovely raincoat photo to visit Foxy’s website.


Foxy has her own book too, called ‘My Leash on Life: Foxy’s View of the World From a Foot Off the Ground’. Click on her photo to see a copy…